Verdana Organic Black Pepper Whole, USDA, Kosher, Non-GMO Verified Premium Grade, High Purity High Quality Peppercorns

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Verdana has a great tradition of bringing to you wonderful Natural and Organic products. Our Black Peppercorn is in that tradition. This gourmet product is the finest quality whole black pepper that you need to make a tasteful food. Manufactured in Sri Lanka from high quality handpicked large berries in temperature and humidity-controlled environment, this best quality Peppercorn gives a unique taste and aroma. You can use this premium black pepper in soups, stews, stocks and marinades. Our pepper is of high purity & free from chemical pesticide, chemical fertilizer, irradiation or any other additives. Our peppers are grown in sustainable organic biodynamic environment.

AS NATURAL AS IT GETS: Our 100% pure, USDA Certified Black Peppercorn is also Kosher Certified and Non-GMO verified. It contains NO MSG, NO GMO, NO Ethylene Oxide (ETO) treatment, NO Irradiation with NO additives, preservatives, or artificial color.

VERSATILE INGREDIENT: This Black Peppercorn product can be added to almost any savory dish, hot or cold, imparting a sharp and pungent flavor.

HIGH QUALITY PACKAGING: Fresh black peppercorn from farmer to your table, packed in resealable bags. The Verdana Peppercorn is packed in a high quality, food grade, resealable, standup pouch to keep it fresh and protected against oxygen, sunlight, moisture and heat. Our standup pouch gives you the flexibility of easy storage unlike containers and jars.

THE VERDANA QUALITY: The Verdana brand has a long tradition of high quality natural and organic products. Ground in temperature and humidity-controlled atmosphere, packaged immediately to retain freshness and imported in small quantities, the Verdana Black Pepper Whole will exceed your expectations.

Country of Origin: India/ Sri Lanka

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