We Ship From 2 Locations - California & North Carolina
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About Us

Organic Verdana is brought to you by Deepthi Organics LLC, located in Greensboro, NC, USA.

We have the following certifications: USDA Organic NOP, Kosher, Non-GMO and HACCP (Food Safety). Our facility in North Carolina is FDA Registered.
ll our Food Grade Products are sourced from manufacturers with ISO 22000/ FSSC 22000/ BRC certifications. We are FSMA/ FSVP compliant.

We take pride in calling ourselves “The Coconut People”. It is not just an empty boast. We are indeed experts in all things Coconut! Not just the products made from coconuts, we are intimately familiar with the coconut producing regions of Southern India and we work directly with the farms for some of our products.

Our leading presence in the US market as distributors and bulk wholesale suppliers of Coconut-derived MCT Oil (also known as Fractionated Coconut Oil as well as Aceite MCT) in Organic and Regular versions is a result of the above. These oils are available in retail as well as wholesale packaging – from bottle sizes to pails, cans and barrel sizes. We also carry a Palm-derived version of the MCT oil. Verdana is among the leaders in MCT Brands.

The US consumer base is still largely unfamiliar with the terms Virgin Coconut Oil and other variations in the market. There is a big difference in the oils cold pressed from Fresh White coconut meat and those pressed from Dry Copra. Also, the presence or elimination of the brown testa (the skin of the kernel) before the kernel is pressed makes a difference to the color, flavor and shelf life of the oil.

We carry retail and bulk wholesale sizes of Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil in ounce size jars to Pails and Drums. Please feel free to explore this website to learn more. 

All our core products are generally in Ready Stock and usually ship the same day or next day.

In addition to our Premium Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut MCT Oil, we also bring to the US consumers other coconut husk or fiber based products – Deepthi Growing Medium, Coir Wonder 3-in-1 Spill Absorbent, Coir Wonder Cat Litter, Coir Wonder Animal Bedding, Coir Wonder Litter Deodorizer and Coir Wonder Activated Charcoal are our other products – all derived from different parts of the coconut.

The Spill Absorbent and the Pet Litter products mentioned above were developed in our own lab in North Carolina.

Please visit our websites www.coirabsorbent.comwww.coirlitter.com and www.greengardensolutions.com for more information.